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Fostering Unity and Collaboration in Southern Ontario, Canada
By Radhapriya, ISKCON Toronto Communications   |  May 01, 2024

On Saturday, April 20th, temple leaders from across Southern Ontario gathered at ISKCON Brampton for a day of collaboration and camaraderie. About 30 representatives from 11 centres came together to exchange ideas, strategies, and experiences.

Bhaktimarga Swami was in attendance and was so inspired by the unity that he called the gathering “honey and harmony” and penned a poem entitled “The Meeting.” (see below). The program kicked off with kirtan, followed by a tour of the temple’s facilities, which showcased recent renovations and innovations, including its new altar, boutique, remodeled kitchen, and Sunday school facilities.

Under the guidance of Bhaktimarga Swami and the facilitation of Indresh Gaura Das, the meeting delved into a wide range of topics crucial for collective growth and progress. Discussions ranged from Ratha Yatra coordination and festival support to local outreach initiatives and fundraising strategies. The meeting also touched on protocols for visiting speakers, future mentorship programs, CPO resources, the importance of AED devices, and opportunities to cooperate on shipments, purchasing, IT/social media, and education. Every centre also had an opportunity to present and showcase its innovations. A highlight of the day was the delicious prasadam served from Govinda’s Toronto and the wraps prepared by the youth of ISKCON Brampton.

Prasadam wraps being prepared by the youth of ISKCON Brampton.

As the day drew to a close, participants left feeling inspired and energized by the connections they had forged and the ideas they had exchanged. These gatherings serve as vital platforms for fostering unity and collaboration within the Southern Ontario community. With plans already underway for the next meeting, the spirit of “honey & harmony” continues to thrive, propelling the community toward greater heights of cooperation and growth.

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Reflecting on the gathering, Bhaktimarga Swami shared the following poem:

The Meeting – By Bhaktimarga Swami

In the quest for a name

Spontaneously it came

The theme – Honey and Harmony

Far removed from any agony


It was a group of us

Together, like in a camping bus

We talked over things that matter

Holding tight or all will just scatter


There was background kirtan music

Calming, for we tend to lose it

Accompanied by the best food

We licked, drank, sucked, and chewed


There was a brainstorming

On improving our performing

We shared many ideas

Spoke of solutions and panaceas


In those conversations

We voiced our appreciations

Sending all encouragement

The real human nourishment


There is much to be liked

In fact you can get psyched

When you let the honey pour

And the harmony remove any sore


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