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Good Food Leads to Better Attendance in Indian Schools

By: for Annamrita Food For Life Newletter on May 26, 2012
The maximum increase in attendance of students has been recorded in Kiradpura Primary School, India. The total population of students of Primary Schools of Aurangabad Municipal Corporation is more than 16,000.

The tasty, wholesome meal prepared in pure ghee - khichdi, dal, rice, usal and other food preparations are attracting more and more students to these schools.

In Chikhalthana region (Aurangabad), Annamrita has established an ultra-modern state-of-the-art kitchen where sumptuous, tasty and excellent quality food is cooked for the students. Khichdi and other food items are supplied to Marathi and Urdu medium Schools.

Dainik Divya Marathi Daily Newspaper reports - "ISKCON Food Relief Foundation's Annamrita, Midday Meal Program created a miracle. Earlier, the attendance of students used to decrease after the month of February; but this year, the attendance has increased by 1274 students in the last one month; and on an average, the increase is around 8%."

Every Saturday, either Rajgira Laddu or Chikki is provided to students, resulting in highest attendance. Since Khichdi and other good stuff of excellent quality are offered, more students are attracted to the schools.

"Khichdi is the kind of food that fills our stomach. It also helps many poor students who do not get nutritious food, because of financial problem. In our school, every working day we get delicious khichdi. The aroma of Khichdi is very pleasing and it looks very yummy. I am eating this food since I was in 3rd standard and I really love it. I feel very sad that I will be missing this tasty Khichdi after 8th standard." - Vaibhavi Prakash Vare, a standard V student from Sir J. J. Girls' High School, Mumbai
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