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Gopal Agarwal, Prabhupada’s Initial Sponsor in the West, Passes Away
By Malati Dasi   |  Aug 03, 2018

On July 31st, Gopal Agarwal, husband of Sally and father of two daughters, Srila Prabhupada’s first sponsor in the West, left his body due to old age afflictions. 

One of the daughters called ISKCON New Vrindaban requesting one of the temple Brahmans to attend and offer rites prior to cremation. 

Due to the efforts of one young devotee (Nitai Das, who himself was killed in an auto crash some years back) a nice relationship was established between New Vrindaban this couple who aided Srila Prabhupada to gethis original visa to the USA and provided accommodation upon his initial arrival. 

Sally visited New Vrindaban a few times and also participated in the Prabhupada Memories sessions at the Festival of Inspiration, delighting the devotee audience. They both attended a  Prabhupada Festival in a Butler, Pennsylvania, and during the kirtan, Gopal spontaneously joined in the dancing. 

There was a sweet fatherly daughter relationship between Sally and Srila Prabhupada and several letters were exchanged between them. 

Devotees are requested to offer their prayers for Gopal’s onward journey and for Sally and their family members. 

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