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Gopal Krishna Goswami Is Better, Released From Hospital
By Dr. Krishna Priya Das   |  Sep 04, 2020

 (Written on behalf of the Gopal Krishna Goswami’s Health Care Team.)

A few days ago,  after a period of repeated fevers, it had been confirmed that Gopal Krishna Goswami tested positive for Covid-19 and was admitted to a hospital in New Delhi — making the worldwide ISKCON community very worried.   

However, Gopal Krishna Goswami soon got better and on September 4th, was discharged from the hospital and arrived back at ISKCON Delhi. 

The devotees were overjoyed upon his arrival. There was tumultuous kirtan by temple brahmacharis, staying apart to ensure safety norms in social distancing. Maharaja was welcomed and escorted by Bhakti Rakshaka Radha Golokananda Swami, who has been spearheading the Covid Combat Team in ISKCON Delhi, Mohanrupa Das the Temple President of ISKCON Delhi and Dwarkadish Das, the doctor disciple of Maharaja who was facilitating the entire health care efforts in conjunction with a team of doctors from the US and Delhi. 

Gopal Krishna Goswami was looking his usual effulgent self, in high spirits and well-recovered. Devotees requested him to rest and he is doing so. The entire floor he is staying in, has been sanitized and cordoned off for exclusively for him and his assistants.  

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