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Govardhan Retreat and Varsana Japa/Kirtan Retreat 2012
By VIHE Correspondent   |  Nov 22, 2012

The organizer Vrindavan Instritute for Higher Education (VIHE) invites anyone interested to participate at the upcoming annual Govardhan Retreat and Varsana Japa/Kirtan. The dates are:

Govardhan Retreat: December 9-15, 2012
Varsana Japa/Kirtan Retreat: December 1-6, 2012

Topics for this year’s retreat are:

Sacinandana Swami: “The Glories of Sri Govardhana – Taking Exclusive Shelter” – A presentation on the various aspects of the Govardhana Lila
Bhurijana Das: “Four Sides of Separation”
Madhavananda Das: “Leaving Religion and Coming to God” – Krishna’s Mercy on the Wives of the Yajna Brahmins
Jagattarini Dasi: “Dana-keli-kaumudi – Moonlight on the Toll Pastime”

To register, please write to and to learn more, please visit

Recordings from the previous retreats, which took place in 2001-2011, you can find at: clicking under “HH Sacinandana Swami, HG Bhurijan Prabhu, HG Jagattarini Mataji”.

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