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Grand opening of ‘Hare Krsna Books’ Shop at Mumbai Central Station
By Parijata Devi Dasi   |  Jan 15, 2021

Mumbai’s iconic Mumbai Central Railways Station, which has earned name of one of the finest architecture and heavy footfall railway terminal in India, witnessed history in making when the first ISKCON book shop namely the ‘Hare Krsna Books’ was inaugurated on 7 January 2021.

The permanent book store is strategically placed at the Mumbai Central Railway Station on Platform No. 1 and 2 which is largely reserved for trains with high priority preference. 

The shop was inaugurated at the hands of Smt. Priyanka Caturvedi, Member of Parliament, Rajya Sabha and by Shri Alok Kansal, General Manager, Western Railway. Shri Satya Kumar, Divisional Railway Manager also graced the occasion.

The event began with chants of Hare Krishna mantra and Vedic prayers followed by inauguration of the shop with ribbon cutting by Smt. Priyanka Caturvedi and Shri Alok Kansal. After the ribbon cutting ceremony, all the dignitaries took to the dais and expressed their congratulations to ISKCON for upholding and sharing the message of Vedic scriptures for the benefit of thousands of travellers who shall access the Mumbai Central book shop. The events ended with delicious snack prasadam for all.

Smt Priyanka Caturvediji congratulated ISKCON for distributing Bhagavad-gita and thereby help uplift the mental and spiritual health of citizens of India. She shared how distribution of Bhagavad-gita shall help people become self-satisfied and inculcate values of selfless service.

Shri Alok Kansal said he hoped that the knowledge of Bhagavad-gita and all the spiritual books in the store teach the travellers to do their duty (karma) selflessly and not worry about the result. He congratulated ISKCON with the belief that the books in the shop will bring a new ray of hope for all travellers.

Shri Satya Kumarji wished ISKCON all success in its effort of sharing the message of Vedic culture through the new book shop.

The ‘Hare Krsna Books’ shop includes:
– International Bhagavad-gita exhibition: a display of Gita in all international languages
– Bhagavad-gita and other spiritual books in multiple language
-Children’s books – to engage the younger generation

Braja Hari Das, President – ISKCON Juhu, expressed his heartfelt gratitude to Western Railways Division for granting the necessary permission and facilitating to uplift humanity through the distribution of Vedic books which shall bring eternal knowledge, peace & happiness to all.

Srila Prabhupada always stressed the importance of book distribution and encouraged all devotees in ISKCON to approach more people and induce them to read Krishna literature. The ‘Hare Krsna Store’ is one step in that direction – to introduce people from all walks of life to transcendental literature and give them an opportunity to be absorbed in thoughts about Krishna and thereby perfect their life.