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Happy Gaura Purnima! – The Joy of Devotion Film Released for Free, Worldwide
By ISKCON News Staff   |  Mar 07, 2020

In honor of ISKCON’s 50th anniversary, two award-winning film were produced. While Yadubara Das’ film the Hare Krishna! presents Prabhupada’s extraordinary life, an ISKCON Communications Ministry documentary The Joy of Devotion directed by Krisztina Danka (Krishna Lila Dasi) of Karuna Productions picks up where the other film leaves off and captures Prabhupada’s worldwide impact, and gives an overview about what ISKCON is today, featuring dramatic, personal and very inspiring stories of devotees around the world and the difference they are making in society.

How does a young woman in South Africa adjust her newfound passion for Indian spirituality with her Zulu tribal background? What convinced the Soviet regime to stop persecuting Krishna-devotees? How to find joy in helping Mumbai slum kids getting fed and educated? What is a Florida elementary school teacher devotee’s greatest fear in life? What was the key for Prabhupada’s success according to Harvard scholars? How did devotees in Hungary turn a barren, tic-infested sheep run into Europe’s largest eco-village? How does a British rock star use his talents in spreading the Holy Names around? What do Brazilian devotees do with rainforest birds confiscated from smugglers? 

In celebration of the auspicious day of Gaura Purnima, now the film has been released for free, and available worldwide for everyone to enjoy. Devotees will have an option to both stream the film online as a home video, or treat their commuity for an uplifting devotional entertainmaint and order a high resolution copy and a public screeing license, along with promotional materials.  

Although the producers and the filmmakers have spent years of hard work and a lot of money on creating this documentary, the copyright owner ISKCON Communications Ministry has decided to share ‘The Joy of Devotion’ for free, but asking devotees to kindly donate to the Ministry so that it could keep serving the community and produce more videos. 

You may watch the film online, and request a screening license here:

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Please help produce more films and donate to ISKCON Communivations Ministry here:

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