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Hare Krishnas Distribute Free Meals to Fijians
By   |  Feb 25, 2008

Almost 600 plates of food were distributed to people in the town of Nausori. The Hare Krishna organisation in Fiji distributed free meals as part of their free food program to bring the communities of Fiji together.

The food served consisted of rice, potatoes, vegetable curry and halava which caught the attention of shoppers yesterday.

Program coordinator Indradyumna Dasa said they had been distributing free food every month and this was also an annual event held world-wide by other Hare Krishna groups. He said many people have been struggling in Fiji to find food and this was a way to unite the community.

“We have been doing this every month. This food distribution is food for life. It is food offered to the Lord. This food will give people happiness as well as nourish their body. Gradually, it will help the person grow spiritually closer to God,” he said.

Another member of Hare Krishna community, Visvanath Dasa, said that apart from giving out free food in Nausori, they also sang hymns. He said food was a basic need and the distribution of free food was to bring the whole community together.

“There were a lot of people who came forward, surprisingly not only Indians, to receive the free food we distributed.

“We even had a lot of Fijian people come to enjoy the food. The reason for our program is based on our scriptures which preach two grounds for unity. One of these is food. We do not discriminate the rich or the poor when we distribute food. It is for everyone regardless of their background.”

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