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HarvestFest & Balarama Full Moon Feast in Canada
By ISKCON News Staff   |  Jul 17, 2010

Between August 21 – 24, 2010 the Saranagati Eco-Village community in Venables Valley, British Columbia, Canada will hold its annual HarvestFest and Balarama Full Moon Feast.

Lord Balarama is the Vedic Diety depicted carrying the plow. He is the older brother of Shri Krishna. They grew up together in the Indian Village of Vrindavan, India 5000 years ago. The August Full Moon is celebrated as his appearance day.

Balarama wields the plow, thus he is considered to be the Vishnu Avatar of Agriculture. This is a significant theme for the Saranagati community which aim is toward sustainable & self-sufficient agriculture and lifestyle.

Balarama or Baladeva is known as the personification of the Sacred Drum. In Saranagati, the Mridanga Drum is used as the Sacred Drum in the lineage of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. For Balarama`s appearance day the community invites sacred drums of all traditions & nations to come together in peace to drum and dance.

Every year the Saranagati community gathers with visitors to harvest the bountiful organic fields of fruits, vegetables, flowers & herbs. In the spirit of working together in celebration, acres & pounds of food are harvested, prepared, preserved and offered to the Lord & all guests.

This year is the first year for special presentations, visiting performing artists, teachers, authors, community elders and many special guests. There will be kirtan in the fields by Gauravani & As Kindred Spirits, the Mayapuris, Ghost Brothers, and many others.

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