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Highlights Report from May 29th GBC Meeting Released
By GBC Communications   |  Jun 04, 2024

We are pleased to present the GBC Meeting Highlight Report for the GBC Meeting held on 29 May 2024. This report aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the online GBC meeting highlighting key topics discussed.

The meeting commenced with Prahladananda Swami leading the pranams (invocation prayers) followed by a reading by Krishnadas Kaviraj Das from SB 6.15.26. The GBC addressed four important topics at the meeting:

1. Ratify the Appointment of Secretary for West Bengal Society:

Every year the GBC appoints the Secretary for West Bengal Society, Gopal Krishna Goswami served as the current Secretary for the GBC West Bengal Society, and with his passing, the GBC discussed the appointment of a new Secretary. At the AGM 2024, Revati Raman Das was appointed as the second-in-line signatory for the West Bengal Society. Members voted in favor of his appointment as the Secretary until the next AGM 2025.

2. Prioritize the Appointment of Two GBC Members to India Governing Council (Bureau):

In relation to GBC members participation on the India Governing Council (Bureau), the appointment of new GBC members to the Bureau is long overdue. The recent departure of Gopal Krishna Goswami, combined with the recent resignation of Radhanath Swami, has accentuated the need for GBC members appointment at the Bureau. The GBC therefore formally recommends to India Governing Council (Bureau) to appoint two GBC members, namely Gauranga Das and Tapana Misra Das, both Indian citizens, as India Governing Council (Bureau) members on priority.

3. Ratification of Regional Secretary Assistants in India as Zonal Supervisors:

The GBC reviews and approves Zonal Supervisors serving in respective RGBs and National Council. Despite the system being introduced since 2015, no such formal recommendations were made by India Governing Council (Bureau) till date. It was therefore discussed and agreed by the GBC that the Regional Secretary Assistants in India be considered as Zonal Supervisors. The GBC, in its next zoom meeting, will examine and approve an updated list of Zonal Supervisors that India Governing Council (Bureau) has previously appointed.

4. Appointment of Govardhan Das as GBC for East Africa:

The local East Africa leadership has extended an invitation to Govardhan Das to visit and inspire devotees in the region. Gopal Krishna Goswami had verbally expressed desire for Govardhan Das to serve as Co-GBC for East Africa. The global zones of Gopal Krishna Goswami are managed by the GBC EC until AGM 2025 as previously reported. The GBC voted in favor of Govardhan Das taking on the service of GBC for East Africa temporarily until AGM 2025, with approval and support from the local management.

– Issued by GBC Communications