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Holy Cow! You Won’t Believe What Herbie the Bull Can Do With a Football
By Contributor   |  Oct 02, 2014

His name is Herbie and he has plenty of reasons to be kicking his hoofs in joy — and not just because he can bend it like Beckham.

The bull, who was destined for our plates not only managed to escape the truck he was being transported in on his way to be slaughtered, but also survived a made dash through busy traffic before being tranquillised and captured.

In what may sound like a load of bull (see what we did there?), the Hereford steer escaped near a busy intersection in Brooklyn as his owner tried to move him into a truck destined for the slaughterhouse.

But the then four-month-old cow had a beef with that and decided to make a run for it.

After he was captured, authorities then found his owner did not have the appropriate paperwork to be moving the bull and he was handed over to police.

The story of Herbie’s escape around Christmas time 7 years ago was reported by CBS2 News 

Luckily for him, For the Animals Sanctuary stepped in and gave the happy bull a loving home where seven years later he now spends his days pretty much living most man’s dream — eating, drinking and playing football.

Herbie happily plays soccer at the Woodstock farm

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