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Hope Rises As Doctors Wean Jayapataka Swami off Ventilator
By ISKCON News Staff   |  Nov 15, 2008

ISKCON guru and GBC Jayapataka Swami, who was hospitalized in Mumbai after two brain hemorrhages on October 23, is showing signs of improvement.

On November 9, he was able to move all his limbs and became completely conscious, recognizing his visitors Bhakti Caru, Kavicandra, and Bhaktisiddhanta Swamis. He could also comprehend their reading from the Caitanya Caritamrita, and tears came to his eyes as devotees sang the song Damodarastakam by his bedside.

Dr Madhavananda Dasa of ISKCON’s Bhaktivedanta Hospital has been working closely with staff at Mumbai’s Hinduja hospital, where Jayapataka Swami is being treated. He reports that doctors have been gradually weaning His Holiness off his ventilator support since November 10th.

“A specialist ‘breathing team’ brought Jayapataka Swami to a sitting position, and he was able to breathe completely on his own for around 80 minutes,” said Madhavananda. “It was difficult for him and his breathing was loud, but it was an encouraging step.”

His Holiness has been on minimal ventilator support since, and doctors will attempt to remove the ventilator completely on November 15th. Devotees around the world are requested to continue praying intently.

We will continue to provide updates on Jayapataka Swami’s health every Saturday here at ISKCON News.

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