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How Perceptions of God Help Determine Self-esteem, Mental health

By: for on Sept. 29, 2017

"It is not easy to maintain self-esteem in an age where divisive politics and a wave of new forms of social media allow for mean-spirited instant judgments."

How would you feel if a loving God took a personal interest in you?

Pretty darn good, according to a growing body of research revealing the mental health benefits of having a close personal relationship with a caring divinity.

In one of the latest national studies, the more participants reported feeling God’s love, presence and guidance, the more likely they were to agree they are a person of worth.

Frequency of prayer, or even being “born again,” were not of themselves significantly related to higher self-esteem.

But worship attendance, prayer and the specific act of committing their lives to Christ all were related to higher self-esteem when individuals reported a close relationship with a divine being who cared about them.

Having what some sociologists have called “the ultimate friend” on their side appears to make a big difference when it comes to self-respect and self-worth, study authors indicated.

“First and foremost, we demonstrate that a sense of divine support is a robust predictor of self-esteem,” researchers from the University of Toronto, the University of Calgary and the University of Texas, San Antonio, reported in the latest issue of the Review of Religious Research.

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