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In Time for Ramadan, Toll-free Hotline Seeks to Educate New Jersey Residents About Islam
By Alice Speri   |  Aug 11, 2011

Like many Muslims, Asim Khan is tired of the prejudice against his religion.

The president of the Islamic Circle of North America New Jersey chapter welcomes curiosity. But he wishes those with questions about Islam would ask him or other Muslims before jumping to conclusions.

“Rather than absorb knowledge from Fox News, we invite people to come hear it from the horse’s mouth. We invite them to ask us what our faith is about,” Khan said. “There is a lot of curiosity about Islam, but also misinformation, uncertainty, and a sense of fear in approaching us.”

As the 10th anniversary of 9/11 approaches, asking a Muslim about Islam is now as simple as making a phone call. Two 48-foot billboards recently put up on the New Jersey Turnpike tell drivers with questions about the religion to dial (877) 949-47526 — a 24/7 toll-free hotline sponsored by the Islamic Circle of North America.

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