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  • Flower Remedies to Harmonize the Body, Mind and Spirit

    Flower essences are said to contain the life forces of the flowers used to make them. They work by relieving negative feelings, and they encourage the healing process by balancing energy in the body.

  • Mayans Never Predicted World to End in 2012
    If you are worried the world will end next year based on the Mayan calendar, relax: the end of time is still far off. So say Mayan experts who want to dispel any belief that the ancient Mayans predicted a world apocalypse next year.
  • Russia: "This Isn't About Freedom of Conscience or Censorship"
    Russian state censorship increasingly extended nationwide in November to cover Jehovah's Witness websites – and possibly also Hare Krishna sms announcements, Forum 18 News Service has learnt. A Prosecutor's Office official claimed to Forum 18 that blocking the websites "isn't about freedom of conscience or censorship – it's about restricting access to extremist materials."
  • New Bhaktivedanta College Course to Create Career Opportunities
    A new course offered by Bhaktivedanta College at the ISKCON community in Radhadesh, Belgium, promises to open up a host of career opportunities for ISKCON devotees.
  • Four Powerful Ways Help Reverse Diabetes
    Once diabetes was largely considered a disease of adults, but today so many children receive this diagnosis it is no longer referred to as adult onset. Fortunately, given the pervasiveness and expense of diabetes, there are cost effective holistic remedies, which could make an important contribution towards its reversal, thus avoiding a great deal of pain and suffering and saving a lot of money.
  • Flaxseed Oil – Healthy Alternative for Vegetarians

    Ancient folklore had it that flax seeds were blessed, and they could bring good fortune; restore overall health and ward of evil forces. Nevertheless at recent times it is no more different than before. Research has shown flax seeds as an emerging health supplement for large scale diseases and promoter of overall wellbeing.

  • Keeping the Sanskrit Connection
    He is an American who has spent 38 of his 54 years of life in Gujarat. Basu Ghosh Das, president of the ISKCON temple in Vadodara, is currently in Ahmedabad to participate in the All India Sanskrit Elocution Competition.
  • Swiss Devotee and Sufi Teacher Invited to an Interfaith Dialogue
    Recently, Krishna-premarupa Dasa, a young monk heading the Zurich temple, was a weekend guest at the World Monastery in Radolfzell, Germany for the third time, to take part in an evening dialogue, before an audience of thirty-five religionists, with the President of the International Sufi Movement in The Hague.
  • Krishna Holy Book Faces Ban in Tomsk
    “Bhagavad Gita as It Is” can hardly be called Adolf Hitler’s “Mein Kampf.” Still — if prosecutors in Tomsk have their way — the two may soon end up together on the Justice Ministry’s list of banned extremist literature. Why the Hindu text central to the Hare Krishna faith has suddenly been targeted is unclear, but some suspect the Russian Orthodox Church behind.
  • George Harrison Remembered in Liverpool on the Day of His Passing
    With the participation of ISKCON devotees and local musicians, two concerts were held in Liverpool on the 29th November to mark ten years since the passing of George Harrison.
  • The Bhakti Way of Investing in the Ecology of the Heart
    A crippled economy and a polluted environment plague our social body. Both largely stem from the same core disease -- pollution of hearts. Blinded by distractions one can forget how to invest in what awards a meaningful, fulfilling life.
  • All Things Must Pass... But
    On November 29th, 2001 George Harrison passed away in Los Angeles. At that time Radha and Krishna Deities were at the foot of his bed. He was surrounded by family and friends.
  • ISKCON Midday Meal Receives Best Social Work Award
    ISKCON Food Relief Foundation’s Midday Meal program—which feeds over one million meals of sanctified, nutritious vegetarian food every day to underprivileged children in ten Indian states—was named the “Best Organization in Social Work” at the D.Y. Patil Annual Achiever’s Awards on Sunday November 13th.
  • Brazil`s Special People and a Special Park
    Fruits, flowers, beautiful gardens, parks and reservoirs of water with ducks and swans playing in the midst of lotus flowers, and cows giving sufficient milk and butter are essential for developing the finer tissues of the human body.
  • Spiritual Activism Doc to Screen on Anniversary of Seattle WTO Protests
    Residents of Seattle are set to get a sneak preview of a new documentary film about spiritual activism, directed by Radha-Vallabha Dasa—a brahmachari monk at New York’s Bhaktivedanta Ashram—on the 12th anniversary of the famous Seattle WTO protests.
  • A Gold Rush of Subsidies in Clean Energy Search
    Halfway between Los Angeles and San Francisco, on a former cattle ranch and gypsum mine, NRG Energy is building an engineering marvel: a compound of nearly a million solar panels that will produce enough electricity to power about 100,000 homes.
  • Live Turkey A Guest of Honor at Govinda's Buffet
    The main course at most Thanksgiving dinners was the guest of honor at Govinda's restaurant - the vegetarian buffet had a turkey strolling the outdoor patio on US national holiday on 24th of November.
  • Blind Eye
    I’ve just returned from a two week tour of Bangladesh. Crowned the happiest nation in the world by social researchers at LSE, one can sense the contentment that comes from simple living and high thinking. However, on a second-class overnight train from Chittagong to Dhaka I was confronted with the flip side of the story.
  • Raw Foods Fight Pain
    Pain is something we cannot avoid, no matter how healthy our diets and lifestyles are. But that doesn't mean that pain should be lived with - research shows that there are some everyday foods that work like a charm to ease pain and replenish our systems.
  • Ghee - This Is Butter That Is Good for You
    To some it's known as clarified butter, to others it's the golden elixir of healing - ghee is a staple ingredient in Indian cooking and Ayurvedic healing known for its versatility, great taste, and many health benefits.
  • Stunning New Bas Relief Panels Unveiled at Prabhupada’s Samadhi
    Two beautiful new bronze bas relief panels depicting the life, works and mission of ISKCON founder Srila Prabhupada were revealed on October 29th, the day before his Disappearance Day, in his Samadhi, or mausoleum, in Vrindavana, India.
  • ISKCON and the Mayor of London Join Hands to Feed 5.000
    “It was an event of Biblical proportions,” explained London`s Food for All Director Parasuram das. “We had 2 hours to distribute 5000 plates of prasad at Trafalgar Square, London. It seemed impossible but about 40 volunteers turned up to help serve and the day before we had 30 at Bhaktivedanta Manor to chop vegetables.
  • Kripamoya Sets a New Bar for Devotional Music with “Chakram”
    As a young man still in school, music meant a lot to Kripamoya Dasa—then Michael Harrison—who fronted his own band and attended all the big outdoor pop festivals. So it was a big deal for him, when, in 1972, he stood on a hill in the cold English rain in Buxton, Darbyshire, to watch the guitar legend Chuck Berry.
  • Krishna Kitchen Makes Prasadam Fans of U.S. Festivalgoers
    Originally launched as Krishna Camp in 2006, when younger ISKCON devotees from New Vrindaban established a presence at just two alternative festivals—West Virginia’s Rainbow Gathering and Nevada’s Burning Man—Krishna Kitchen has since evolved into a full scale prasadam catering company that hit fifteen events across the U.S. this year.
  • Bhaktivedanta College Students Represent ISKCON at Assisi Interfaith Events
    Saint Francis of Assisi, a spiritual leader renowned for centuries, established the Franciscan order in the Catholic tradition. He is not so well known for creating the first interfaith event of the Catholic Church.