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International Yoga Day at Radhadesh: A Journey of Peaceful Transformation
By Mahābhāva Dāsa   |  Jun 15, 2023

International Yoga Day is an eagerly awaited event that will be taking place in the picturesque location of Radhadesh, Belgium, on June 17-18th. With 100 participants expected to attend, these two days will provide a unique opportunity for individuals to relax and immerse themselves in various yoga practices.

This weekend will be the 9th time the tranquil surroundings of Radhadesh will welcome people from all walks of life to this annual celebration of yoga and mindfulness. Participants —yoga aficionados and first-timers— will have the chance to explore various yoga styles, each catering to different aspects of holistic well-being.

The age-old yoga practice offers many health benefits that positively impact the body, mind, and spirit. Regular practice of yoga helps improve flexibility, strength, and balance. Simultaneously, it fosters mental clarity, reduces stress, and promotes emotional stability. Plus, the deep breathing techniques employed in pranayama cultivate mindfulness, enabling individuals to find inner peace.

Sara, a participant in last year’s International Yoga Day, said, “This event was a truly awakening experience. It gave me the opportunity to escape the rat race and literally catch my breath! Yoga is just the perfect way to connect with yourself. I also met a lot of inspiring souls with whom I had some fascinating discussions. On top of that, the food was absolutely incredible, and Radhadesh is such a gorgeous place. I can’t wait to take part next year!”

Session of Kids and Mamas Yoga.

From Yoga & Meditation to Dance Movement, Kids & Mama Yoga, and Art Sessions, there will be something for everyone to enjoy. The Yoga Market stalls will offer a platform to connect with like-minded individuals and discover new products that support a healthy lifestyle. Additionally, spiritual practices such as Tibetan Bowl and Bath Gong sessions, Soundbaths, Mantra Meditation, Ayurveda, and Mindfulness will further enhance the rejuvenating experience.

“Since it was first organised in 2015, the International Yoga Day has steadily gained in popularity as more and more participants feel the need to relax, unwind and delve deeper into their yoga practice under the supervision of certified instructors,” said Shyamsaki devi dasi, one of the organizers, “But it’s more than just taking a break from the routine, many told us that this turned out to be a revitalizing experience that left them feeling uplifted and joyful.”

As yoga continues to gain popularity worldwide, the International Yoga Day event serves as a unique platform for holistic wellness, connecting individuals searching for relaxation and rejuvenation.

For more information on International Yoga Day and how to register for the life-changing event, visit Additionally, click here to learn more about the upcoming yoga retreats.

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