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ISKCON 50 Meditations: December 12, 2016

By: for ISKCON News on Dec. 12, 2016

What Is He Thinking?

No one could look as serious and grave as Srila Prabhupada.  You couldn't tell what he was thinking.  The corners of his mouth turned down.  He had so much to bear and his followers were always demanding that he look and act at the highest level of inspiration.  He was naturally on that level, but still it was demanding.  He was always giving himself for Krishna's service.

What is he thinking?  His face shines with a soft aura of dedication and inner absorption.  He seems to be thinking of Krishna's mission.  He will be speaking the message of Srimad-Bhagavatam.  He will not concoct anything new.  I have seen him look pleased and soft-hearted as he does in this photo many times, but at the next moment, another expression might pass over his face—his eyebrows might furrow in worry, or there might be a sudden sadness in his eyes.  Was it compassion?  Was he feeling an intense spiritual emotion? 

No one can understand his mind.  He had so many levels.  On one level he maybe saw some discrepancies in the temple construction, or in the arati as it was being performed by his disciples; I cannot even guess at other, deeper levels.   

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