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ISKCON 50 Meditations: June 30, 2016
By Satsvarupa dasa Goswami   |  Jun 30, 2016

Wisps of Remembrance , 1966

I was thinking this morning about those persons who don’t understand the English language.  I was trying to imagine what it was like.  I looked at a picture of Prabhupada in 1966 and thought, “If I didn’t know what he was saying, he would be the great spiritual leader who spoke in a language I didn’t understand.  Sometimes I hear the sound of his voice, but it makes no sense to me.”

Then I thought, “Oh, I would be at a great disadvantage if I couldn’t understand his language,” but then I tried to realize how hard it is not to appreciate Prabhupada as a great spiritual master.  These devotees who don’t speak English have some of Prabhupada’s books translated in their languages, and although no translation can do justice to the original language in which something was written, there is no lacking.

When we walked with Prabhupada, we always tried to ensure that everything was done nicely.  There should be nothing on the path that he might trip on, no low-hanging branches to possibly lash him in the face.  If he needed it, there should be a car or taxi to take him where he wanted to go.  There should be no inimical persons around who could harm him, and everything should run smoothly.  We tried to be attentive to his every need.

When we walked with Prabhupada, the world was full of excitement and possible danger.  We had to be alert with all our senses, completely absorbed in serving him as he so mildly and humbly walked through the world.  Sometimes we were awkward and fumbling beside his grace.  We always took pleasure in just being there with him, although there was no time for relishing that while we were walking.  We were serving him, and we didn’t want our “ecstasy” to get in the way.  We were happy to face anyone and anything on his behalf, and therefore, we were concerned that our appearance was neat and our mood surrendered.

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