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ISKCON 50 Meditations: October 10, 2015

By: for ISKCON News on Oct. 10, 2015

The Agarwals thought Prabhupada had come to America only to find contacts who would help him finance his books. They didn’t think he was interested in creating any followers or starting a movement. At least they hoped he wouldn’t do anything that would cause tension or controversy. Perhaps Prabhupada, seeing their nervousness, agreed to keep a low profile out of consideration for his hosts. But Prabhupada, as an Indian in Vaisnava robes, created a sensation and curiosity wherever he went. Rather than have people speculate on why an Indian swami in Vaisnava dress was  living at their home, Sally thought it would be better if they read about it in the newspapers. She took him to the local Butler Eagle where they agreed to do a feature article on him. A photographer came to the Agarwal’s home and took a picture of Prabhupada standing holding an open volume of Srimad-Bhagavatam, the caption read “Ambassador of Bhakti Yoga”. 

Over time Sally grew very fond of Prabhupada. “He was the most enjoyable man. I really felt like a sort of daughter to him.  Even in such a short time... He enjoyed everything. I liked him. I thought he was tremendous.”

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