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ISKCON 50 Meditations: October 16, 2015

By: for ISKCON News on Oct. 16, 2015

Srila Prabhupada was nearing the end of his stay in Butler.  It had been a pleasant introduction to America.  As a maha bhagavata who loves all living beings, Prabhupada had been kind to his sponsors and they had reciprocated with him.  Sally had become like an affectionate daughter and Gopal, who was more formal, had been an accommodating host.  Prabhupada also interacted with the children.  He had been present when their toddler, Brij, took his first steps on unsteady little legs.  There is a photo of Prabhupada smiling brilliantly and clapping his hands.  It had been a celebration.  The three-year-old daughter, Pamela, had been attending Sunday school and learned about Jesus.  When she saw Prabhupada dressed in his robes, she called him “Swami Jesus.”  When Prabhupada finally understood what she was saying, he smiled and said, “And a child shall lead them.”  Another time, Pamela teethed on Prabhupada’s shoes (his white pointy plastic slippers).  Sally thought, “Oh those shoes.  They have been all over India and my kid is chewing on them.”  He was becoming something like a family member.

He had spent long enough in Butler and now he had one month left in America.  Living at the Agarwals’ was safe and secure, but the preaching opportunities were limited in Butler.  Besides, they had agreed to sponsor him for one month only.  They had paid for his living at the Y, given him rent-free residence in their apartment and purchased the food with which he prepared his meals.  He decided to go to New York City and try to preach there until his time was up, but how would he live there?  

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