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ISKCON 50 Meditations: October 29, 2015

By: for ISKCON News on Oct. 29, 2015

Prabhupada did not judge beforehand who would serve Krishna’s mission and who would not.  He was fully surrendered and fully dependant on Krishna.  In obedience to his spiritual master he would approach everyone without discrimination to ask for help. 

There was Sumati Morarji.  She had helped him in publishing the Bhagavatam and she had sent him to America.  In a recent letter to her, he had only given hints:

I am just giving you the idea, and if you kindly think over the matter seriously and consult your beloved Lord Bala Krishna, surely you will be further enlightened in the matter.  There is scope and there is certain necessity also, and it is the duty of every Indian, especially the devotees of Lord Krishna, to take up the matter.

But he had received no reply.  He had not heard from her since Butler.  Those words from her that had seemed prophetic and they had struck with him:  “I feel that you should stay there until you fully recover from your illness and return only after you have completed your mission.”

Now Sumati Morarji must do something big.  He told her point-blank: 

I think therefore that a temple of Bala Krishna in New York may immediately be started for this purpose.  And as a devotee of Lord Bala Krishna, you should execute this great and noble work.  Until now, there is no worshipable temple of the Hindus in New York, although in India there are so many Christian establishments and churches.  So I shall request you to do this noble act and I will record it in the history of the world that the first Hindu temple is started by a pious Hindu lady, SRIMATE SUMATI MORARJI, who is not only a big business magnate in India, but a pious Hindu lady and a great devotee of Lord Krishna.  This task is for you, and glorious at the same time.

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