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ISKCON At the Annual Hong Kong Book Fair

By: for ISKCON News on July 29, 2011
Hong Kong hosts yearly a book fair at the International Exhibition Hall. This year, from July 20th until 26th it again attracted over a million people.

Visakha Priya Dasi and her team of twenty devotees arranged for two booths to sell English and Chinese Krishna conscious literature. Some of the devotees
were softly singing the Hare Krishna maha-mantra accompanied by a harmonium whilst others talked to potential buyers.

The reaction from the public is generally mixed: “Some ignore us and others feel attracted,” says Visakha Priya. “The event draws visitors from mainland China and it is these visitors that are the most interested. I find this curious because mainland China promotes atheistic views.”

During the seven days of the fair devotees made many new friends. Some of their visitors enrolled in cooking classes or hatha-yoga courses. And of course, many bought books.

The best seller, total 96 books in seven days, was the recently published book entitled “The Tao of Yoga.” This book teaches what Buddha and Patanjali Muni did not teach. Sankirtana dasa, the author observed: “It is a difficult task for an uninformed person to decide which subject for reading is ultimately important. It helps when they get a chance to see and speak with the author to make their choice.”

For next year, ISKCON Hong Kong devotees plan to get more new titles, and again, invite the authors to participate in the event.

The sells of Bhagavad-gitas and other BBT books also increased compared to previous years, perhaps due to the enthusiastic participation of several young and well educated local devotees.
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