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ISKCON bomb attack suspects identified
By   |  Jan 25, 2007

IMPHAL: The state police have identified the suspects involved in the ISKCON blast of August 16 which had resulted in the death of six devotees and the maiming of dozens of others.
The director general of police, Manipur, AK Parashar, informed this during an interaction with senior media representatives at the 1st Manipur Rifles this morning. The DGP, however declined to give details, as it may adversely affect the ongoing police investigations into the case.He however said the police were biding their time to arrest the responsible culprits. 

Parashar also refused to commit himself when queried about the possible involvement of any underground organisation in the bomb attack.
The DGP, candidly admitting the failure of the police in the field of investigation of criminal cases, as opposed to counter insurgency operations, attributed this to shortage of manpower and preoccupation with the counter-insurgency operations.
In this connection, the state home department is taking steps for seperation of ciops and crime investigation, which he said will be implemented on an experimental basis very soon.
He also admitted that despite serious measures to prevent extortion, kindapping etc, these measures have not been able to yield much success, again citing lack of manpower, and infrastructure, as some of the reasons. 

In view of this, the state government is paying attention to the improvement of infrastructure, manpower and facilities for the personnel who are directly involved in CIOps and crime investigation, he said.
The dgp further admitted that there were cases of indiscipline on the part of the state police forces and said senior officers of the concerned police station have been asked to monitor acts of indiscipline.
As of now 14 personnel, placed under suspension for indiscipline and misbehaviour with the public, and necessary action has been initiated against them, he said. 

Giving a bird`s eye-view of the achievements of the police and the security forces in counter insurgency operations last year, he revealed that a total of 429 UGs were arrested by the police last year and another 450 by the security forces.
129 UGs were also killed and altogether 162 arms recovered along with large quantities of ammunition.
Seven police personnel killed by the UGs and 11 injured in separate encounters, along with 21 security forces personnel killed and 36 injured. Two arms were also lost by the police, he informed.
In the same year, 129 civilians were killed and 155 injured by the UGs. 

The state police also seized 12.904 kilos of heroin, 1544.4 kgs of ganja and 6.8 kgs of opium, during the year.
Further 13 UGs, including 2 pla, 1 unlf, 1 prepak, 3 kcp, 1 inf, 3 nscn(IM) 1 KNF (P) and 1 KRA surrendered to the authorities last year.
adgp Sahid Ahmed, IG LO-1, S Dinokumar, IG armed police, Shyamananda, and IG, intelligence, L Khoute were also present at the interaction. 

On the security arrangements for the forthcoming elections, the DGP further disclosed that the state police, with assistance from the Central paramilitary forces have started massive counter insurgency operations in both the hills and valley as a precautionary measure to prevent disturbances by unwanted elementes before and during the elections.
He said enough security forces will be made available for deployment for the ensuing general elections, adding that additional paramilitary forces will be arriving soon in the state.
From the state government side, an official proposal has been made to the Army authorities tio assist the security measures for the general elections in their respective areas of responsibility. 
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