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ISKCON Detroit Invites Children to Winter” Kidz Camp”
By Nitya Krishna Das   |  Nov 07, 2014

ISKCON Detroit, USA, invites all children and youth to one of the most exciting events of the year, the Krishna Kidz Camp. The Krishna Kidz Camp has grown from 25 kids to over 100 as word spreads about the fun and exciting immersion into Krishna-consciousness during this four-day camp. The camp is filled with energy and excitement as these wonderful children begin to experience the spiritual bliss of learning about Lord Krishna.

As one of the largest camps in North America, kids from as far as New Jersey, Tennessee, Ohio and Illinois take advantage of the holiday weekend to participate in this camp – November 26th to 29th (Thanksgiving Weekend).    

Each camp day begins with a full morning program with all aratis and kirtans led by the children.  They jump and sing at the opportunity to be future pujaris! From there, children break up into age specific groups for 90 minute class sessions with experienced teachers giving personal attention to each child as they always have so many questions and love to share their ideas. 

The teachers also create a wonderful interactive learning environment by introducing art, storytelling, crafts, fieldtrips and more each day. 

Children will also incorporate technology into the sessions by using multimedia presentations to illustrate principles of Krishna-consciousness. 

In addition to fun filled classes, kids will be served with wonderful prasadam suitable to their youthful tastes 3 times each day. With bellies filled and minds full of Krishna Katha, there are special classes throughout the day. Children learn how to perform dramas, dance, bhajans, yoga, and play musical instruments.  In addition, this year there will be team building games, painting, garland or jewelry making, Krishna-conscious technology and much more!

The camp wraps up with the most awaited program for the kids and parents alike. The finale performance show and art showcase allow the children to show their parents what they have learned over the 4 days in camp through drama, dance, art, music, and bhajans.

Children also receive their special end of camp award. In years past, smiles and tears could be seen across the audience from the young to the old, from the newcomer to devotees and from the parents to the non-parents. The final day is always a sad day for kids as the bliss of camp comes to an end, but they only have to wait a few more months for the summer camp.

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To register to the 7th Annual Krsna Kidz Camp, go to and click on registration.

Contact Nitya Kishori Devi Dasi at or 248-318-1502 with any questions or suggestions, or accommodation request.

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