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ISKCON Devotee is a Contender at Eurovision Grand Final – Let’s Help Her Win!
By Madana-mohan das   |  May 12, 2018

An initiated ISKCON devotee, Yasodamayi devi dasi (Ieva Zasimauskait), disciple of Sankarshana Dasa Adhikari from Lithuania, has made it to the Grand Final of EuroVision, the most popular international song contest, which is taking place right now in Lisbon, Portugal. She will now stand for the final showdown on Saturday evening, May 12th (European time). 

She is one of the favorites having a real chance of winning the competition. Her song “When We’re Old” is getting rave reviews due to its grace and spiritual connotation:

Her participation in the Eurovision and the media attention it attracted has already had a positive impact on the public image of devotees in Lithuania. People are becoming intrigued by Yasodamayi’s “good energy” and genuinely inquisitive about her devotional lifestyle.

She is a serious practitioner doing regular service at the Kaunas temple and attending mangala-arati. Her national popularity has already secured Lithuanian devotees appearances on the national television. A movie about how Yasodamayicame to Krishna Consciousness was made by devotees and aired in Lithuanianmedia:

On Saturday 12, devotees can help Yasodamayi win the prestigious contest and glorifythe name of Krishna by helping secure as many votes for her from European,Australian and Israeli devotees as possible. 

The voting procedure is explained here: under section: Voting in the Grand Final

Almost all European countries are eligible to vote, as well as Australia and Israel.

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