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ISKCON Devotee Sings to Open Canadian Prime Minister’s First Caucus Dinner
By Jaya Govinda Dasa   |  Dec 11, 2015

Bhakta Dustin, a Hare Krishna devotee, was given the honour of singing the National Anthem to open the first holiday caucus dinner of the recently elected Canadian liberal government.

Newly elected Canadian Prime Minister, the Right Honourable Justin Trudeau along with his wife Mrs. Grégoire-Trudeau, affectionately known as “Sofie”, hosted the gala event of almost three thousand elite guests.

After singing the Canadian National Anthem opposite the legendary Richard Margison, one of the most critically acclaimed singers on the international stage today, Bhakta Dustin and Richard were ushered to the prime minister’s table by several staffers at the specific request of the honorable prime minister.

Although Bhakta Dustin didn’t get a lot of time to speak with the Prime Minister, he did get to speak at length with the prime minister’s wife Sofie, “who is truly an amazing women and truth seeker” says Bhakta Dustin. 

“She said that the difference between Justin Trudeau and Harper, is that Justin leads with devotion, “Bhakti”. I was so inspired. After our long conversation we both, with folded hands, paid our obeisance’s to each other and she said “Hare Krishna!”

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