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ISKCON Devotees Embark on Adriatic Coast Chanting Tour
By ISKCON News Weekly Staff   |  Jul 18, 2009

Twenty ISKCON devotees from Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia and the USA have set out from the Croatian city of Karlovac on their sixth annual tour of Harinams, or public chanting shows. Their mission: to hold ninety-five Harinams in sixty-five cities along the coast of the Adriatic Sea.

The tour’s first leg, from July 1 – 11, was a success: Participants traveled along Croatia’s Istrian Peninsula, visiting 21 different cities as well as the islands Cres and LoÅ¡inj. “Every morning, we held two small Harinams, and in the evening put on our larger Festival of India show,” says organizer Mohan Dasa. “Sometimes we split our group into two parties so that we could hold three or four Harinams in one day.”

The tour’s second leg will run from July 23 – 30, while the third and last one will start on August 10 and end on August 31st. During this time participants will travel down the Adriatic coast to Bosnia and Herzegovina, and, for the first time ever, Monte Negro.

“For such an undertaking we will need dry weather, good health”¦ and no vehicle breakdowns,” Mohan says, grinning. “So we humbly beg the worldwide ISKCON community to spare a few minutes to pray for the success of our mission.”

Visit the tour’s website,, and click on the British flag for updates in English. Or call 0038 47 600 601 to join the tour along the way.