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ISKCON Devotees from South of Russia Help People in the Flooded Areas

By: for on July 13, 2012
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The floods in south of Russia have demanded a lot of lives and caused tremendous amount damage
The Hare Krishnas are distributing hot food and giving out the collected clothes to the aggrieved people in Krymsk and other towns in the zone of a strong flood which has fallen upon the region during the night of July 6th-7th.

“On the first day 400 dinners were served out, today the quantity was doubled. We are still waiting with anxiety for the reports about the growth of casualty figures. Ithappenedsosuddenly. Now about 10 vaishnavas volunteers are busy helping, and all those who desire to help join them,” says the representative of this Hindu religion Aditi-Dukhaha-das, according to the press service of public-relations department of the Center of Krishna Conscious societies in Russia.

“People donate clothes, and the city government supports us by giving the car to get to those who are in the flooded region. Manypeoplehavelostallproperty. We hope that the water will go down soon, although people will have repercussions for a long time. Vaishnavas from neighboring regions call us and are ready to help us,” said Aditi-Dukhaha-das.

(Translated from Russian by Dasha Prodanova.)
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