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ISKCON Leadership Sanga - Day Four: "Feeling Supported"

By: for ISKCON News on Feb. 20, 2014

Four days have passed since leaders from all over the world started participating in the 2014 ISKCON Leadership Sanga (ILS).

As Gopal Bhatta Das thoughtfully pointed out during the morning announcements, the ILS serves as a forum for devotes to not only learn about the work being done to push forward the ISKCON’s Governing Commission’s (GBC) strategic plan, but provides leaders with the tools to help implement it in their own communities.  However, to do this requires thinking strategically about the long-term growth and care of temples and devotees.

One phenomenon leaders often encounter is that of expending so much energy in daily management that it leaves little time for dynamic and innovative thinking. The ILS is a retreat and gathering for leaders to step away from that for a few days so they can recharge mentally, spiritually and inspirationally.

As one walks around the Mayapur grounds, the energy is surcharged not just with the holy names of Krishna but also with fresh enthusiasm and ideas.  Devotees who never knew of one another are becoming friends.

As a result, leaders are becoming nourished and feeling supported.  Often the words ‘I thought we were the only ones!’ echo through the air accompanied by a sigh of relief and animated discussions as to the experiences devotees have had.  Instead of feeling isolated, leaders are feeling heard and understood.

Among the numerous seminars, incredible prasadam and darshan of Sri Sri Panca Tattva, Radha Madhava and Nrsimhadeva, a sense of family and community is being developed among the leaders.  As Day 4 of the ILS came to a close, devotees gathered in the prasadam hall for a movie night where talented devotee directors had the opportunity to showcase their efforts to share Krishna with others through the arts.

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