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ISKCON Leadership Sanga - Day Three: "Dare to Care"

By: for ISKCON News on Feb. 19, 2014

Kavicandra Swami, Nirajana Swami, Radhanath Swami and Jayapataka Swami giving presentations on devotee care on Day Three of ISKCON's leadership meetings.

Day 3 of the ISKCON Leadership Sanga (ILS) held in ISKCON's headquarters in Mayapur, India, was dedicated as Devotee Care Day.  It started off with a beautiful joint Srimad Bhagavatam Class on verse 10.13.14 given by Radhanath Swami and Jayapataka Swami. Radhanath Swami elaborated on the point that devotee care is an eternal pastime of Krsna and is most pleasing to Him. 

Jayapataka Swami spoke on many beautiful pastimes of Srila Prabhupada and touched everyone’s heart when he emphasized how indebted we are to Srila Prabhupada for his care.  Stay tuned for an exclusive feature on this Bhagavatam class!

The day was filled with presentations where devotees had the opportunity to attend five seminar slots and choose between forty-eight presentations!  As the day was devoted to Devotee Care the majority of presentations focused on this important topic.

These included seminars such as Practical Steps for Implementing Devotee Care, Caring Enough to Listen and Listening Enough to Care, A Culture of Empowerment, Empathic Communication and so many more.

As the day progressed, it was clear that hearing so many presentations on devotee care was affecting the leaders present.  Conversations were peppered with insightful realizations on how to practically implement a culture of care not only in temples worldwide but how to personally start imbibing it.

As a beautiful way to wrap up the day, leaders assembled in the prasadam pandal to hear a panel discussion on devotee care where Jayapataka Swami, Radhanath Swami, Niranjana Swami and Kavicandra Swami assembled to speak on this important topic.  Vraja lila Das facilitated this thought-provoking discussion by posing specific questions on devotee care to these senior devotees.  The evening came to a close as devotees joyously accepted maha-prasadam gift bags personally handed out by the panel presenters to all those in attendance.

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