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ISKCON News Announces Video Contest Winners
By ISKCON News Staff   |  Dec 27, 2013

In the Fall 2013, ISKCON News called out to Krishna devotee videographers to send their short videos of inspiring Krishna-conscious people, stories, interesting Krishna-conscious projects, events or activities, or their Krishna-conscious music videos.

There were over 50 contestants applied from 14 different countries, and shared their inspiring short films of various subjects, including festivals, spiritual retreats, Deity worship, outreach and artistic programs.

The judges evaluated the films’ topic, camerawork, editing and overall artistic impression. Based on the scores, the list of winners is the following:

1st place and the winner of 500 USD:

Sri Isopanisad: Mantra One by Mikey Jay (UK)

2nd place and the winner of 300 USD:

Bhakti Immersion Retreat by Hilary Tapper (Australia)


3rd place and the winner of 200 USD:

Bhaktivedanta College Radhadesh by Filip Cargonja/Gaura Govinda Das and Suravarya Das (Croatia)

Congratulations to the all winners and contestants! 

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