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ISKCON News In a Minute: 8/8/2022
By ISKCON News   |  Aug 08, 2022

Praghosa Dasa, a Governing Body Commission member of ISKCON, recently resigned from the GBC.

He served as a GBC member for the UK and many regions of Europe including Denmark, Iceland, Ireland, Norway, and Sweden. He also served twice as the Chairman of the GBC.

Praghosa Dasa explains his resignation is due to his disagreement with a GBC decision that is in process regarding Lokanath Swami and his position as initiating guru in ISKCON. The final decision about the Lokanath Swami case is currently being reviewed by the SABHA, which serves as a consultative body with the GBC.

Praghosa Dasa has however agreed to stay on as a (GBC) emeritus.

The Ministry of Tribal Affairs, Government of India recently organized an informal gathering of the national and state tribal department Ministers and officers to share best practices. It was hosted at ISKCON’s Govardhan Ecovillage in Maharashtra, India.

The participants included the Federal (Union) Minister for Tribal Affairs Shri, Arjun Munda Union Minister of State for Tribal Affairs Bishweshwar Tudu, Union Minister of State for Health & Family Affairs Smt Bharati Pawar, along with state ministers (UP, Andhra Pradesh, Tripura, and Assam), Principal secretaries, and other bureaucrats from across India.

All the participants took part in various temple programs like evening kirtans & yajna. They were also shown presentations on ISKCON activities pan India, especially our tribal programs.

This year’s Man-tra retreat is scheduled for September 9th to 11th This event has been a huge success year on a year filled with athlectics, kirtans, talks, entertainments & sumptuous prasadam! Man-tra retreat aims to equip devotee men with tools to rise to all kinds of challenges this world can throw. You can register at!

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