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ISKCON San Diego’s Offers Bhakta Training
By Badrinarayan Swami   |  May 10, 2022

The San Diego temple is now ready to offer a service to other temples in North America. If you don’t have the facility locally, and you have a bhakta or someone serious about experiencing ashram life, we are now offering either six months or a one-year seminar/retreat. Serious candidates only, please.

We promise to send your bhaktas back well-trained, matured, and enlivened. We want to offer the chance for young men to experience ashram life and serious study and training (including learning harmonium and mridanga and some basic cooking). We want to offer them the benefit of positive association with other like-minded souls as well as that of mature and enlivened brahmacharyas (including Dravida Prabhu and Vijaya Prabhu).

What does the San Diego temple get out of this? We get the association and service of these bhaktas while they are here for the courses, as well as the blessings of the Vaishnavas.

If now or in the future, you have a serious candidate, contact me and Balaram Prabhu (our senior ashram leader). or


ISKCON of San Diego Bhakta Program Curriculum

Unfortunately, we don’t have the facility for Vaishnavis yet, but we are happy that we are able to at least do the above, by Krishna’s grace.


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