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ISKCON Youth: Worldwide Summer Programs

By: on June 30, 2010
Now in its fifteenth year, the annual youth festival bus tour around North America kicked off an exciting two months of travel, started on the 23rd of June. Over the summer, there will various exciting ISKCON youth programs throughout the world.

Krishna Culture Festival Bus Tour 2010

Now in its fifteenth year, the annual youth festival bus tour around North America is gearing up for another exciting two months of travel. It will follow the Ratha-yatra circuit and help set up and take down the festivals. The youth will perform kirtana (devotional chanting) and dramas on stage at the festivals, and at hall programs along the tour route. From June 23 through August 23, 2010, more than fifty youth from around the world will travel together on two buses on the magical, mystical, spiritual adventure of a lifetime. In addition to the missionary activities, they will visit national parks, climb glaciers, hike across mountains, swim in scenic rivers, lakes, oceans, go whitewater rafting, and form lasting friendships among spiritually inclined, devotional peers.

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Kulimela France 2010

Picking up on the successes of the 2006 Kulimela in New Vrindavan, and the Kulimelas in Moscow, Alachua, Radhadhesh, and Los Angeles the European youth are preparing for an inspiring youth festival with entertainment from Europe's finest devotee bands, youth bands, and seminars, workshops taught by and for youth to help each other on our material and spiritual paths.

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Pandava Sena UK - Jammin' Sessions

UK`s Pandava Sena team organizes their regular Jammin' sessions in various cities, annual Summer Retreats throughout Europe, Notting Hill Carnival Maha Harinama Sankirtana.

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Spiritual Seekers - Australia

With its hub of activities centered around the Sydney area, Spiritual Seekers draws young people from all over Australia to participate in its regular retreats, picnics and home programs aimed at inspiring people in their spiritual quest towards Krishna. A typical picnic, for example, will feature some sporting event such as a soccer match, some soul-stirring kirtana chanting, and mouth-watering vegetarian feast, prasadam. And they often throw in a skit, play, drama to spice up the event.

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