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ISKCON’s Code of Ethical Behavior
By The Code of Ethical Behavior Advisory Committee   |  Aug 20, 2022

One year ago this month, the GBC ratified and voted into law the attached ISKCON Code of Ethical Behavior. Here is a brief description of accomplishments this first year.



This first year, the Code was made an active part of proceedings in many ISKCON initiatives including the International Child Protection Office, the Ministry of Justice, the Sannyasa Ministry, ISKCON Resolve, and the Dispute Resolution Department.



Several temples have made the Code their official ethics policy. Temple leaders are holding discussions with their staff and congregants to explore the value of the Code and let them know how to submit a request for help (



Information about the Code, downloads in various languages, and helpful links have been included on the website:



More than 400 printed copies of the Code have been sent to temples. To order copies, please contact



For information on a presentation for your members, please write to:


Exemplary ethical behavior is at the core of spiritual progress. The Code outlines minimum ethical standards for all ISKCON representatives in 14 areas: the law, devotee relationships, sexual conduct, personal bias, bullying, finances and administration, philosophical doubts, opposing ideologies, other religions, domestic violence, child abuse and neglect, confidentiality, the environment, and social media. We are grateful for the encouragement and support the Code has received this first year and look forward to its further implementation in the future.


Your servant,

The Code of Ethical Behavior Advisory Committee

(names are listed on the website

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