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Japa Retreat With Sacinandana Swami to Dive Deep Into the Holy Name
By Madhava Smullen   |  Apr 12, 2019

Sacinandana Swami’s famous Living Name Retreat – a deep and inspirational dive into japa and kirtan – is coming to New Vrindaban, West Virginia for the second time.

Around 150 devotees are expected to travel in from all over the USA as well as from Europe and other locations for the retreat, which will run Mother’s Day Weekend from May 10th to 12th.

The idyllic, tranquil countryside of New Vrindaban, away from the noisy and fast-paced cities many of us live in, will be the perfect setting for attendees to unwind and connect with nature, themselves and Lord Krishna through the Holy Names. 

“This retreat is a truly transformational experience, because it offers much more than just some skills to help you to improve your chanting,” says Sacinandana Swami. “It aims at improving your relationship with Radha and Krishna in Their most merciful forms of the Holy Name. Perhaps this is why japa retreats have become so popular.”

Maharaja adds: “At the retreat you can expect to: strengthen your inner connection to the Divine Couple Radha and Krishna; learn new insights and techniques in relation to chanting the Holy Names; gain a stronger commitment to offenseless chanting; have breakthrough experiences in chanting; and learn how to expand the boundaries of your spiritual life, so that you can have deeper and more rewarding spiritual realizations. 

Throughout the retreat, mornings will begin with a full temple program, with added elements such as Go Puja and milking the cows, and optional yoga with Gopi Manjari of Bhakti Yoga DC.

Sacinandana Swami speaks inspires devotees at last year’s Living Name Retreat in New Vrindaban

The highlight each morning will be a special Srimad Bhagavatam Discovery Class by Sacinandana Swami, entitled “The Divine Reciprocation” on Friday, “The One and Only Necessity” on Saturday, and “The Essence: Surrender Unto Me – Krishna” on Sunday.

During the daytime, participants will attend workshops on topics such as “Attaining the Qualifications to Chant,” “Chanting with Devotional Feelings,” and “Taking the Retreat Home: The One Practice.” There will also be optional japa sessions with Sacinandana Swami.

Evenings will feature “lila kirtan,” with Maharaja telling stories of Lord Chaitanya’s pastimes interspersed with chanting by kirtaniyas such as Amala Harinama Das, Gaura Krsna Das from the UK, and Mukunda Das from Chicago.

“That was one of my favorite parts,” says Prabhupada disciple Brahamatirtha Das, who attended the retreat last year. “You go back and forth from the story to chanting. And after several rounds of that, no one can resist.”

Registration, which is now open, also includes three nights of accommodation in New Vrindaban’s scenic Palace Lodge, and nine special prasadam meals. Meanwhile there will be a free Kids’ Adventure Camp to engage the children while parents enjoy the retreat.

Brahmatirtha encourages everyone to come. “Sacinandana Swami has this wonderful ability to bring us back to our essence, which is focusing on the Holy Name,” he says. “And he creates an ambience and uses many techniques, so that the workshops are never dull.”

He adds: “Our lives are so hectic. All of us now, in this particular time in Kali Yuga, have an excess of information, and a dearth of knowledge. This information floods our minds constantly, turning them into chatterboxes. So in order to bring us back to the Holy Name, Sacinandana Swami is taking us to New Vrindaban, creating a Vrindavan atmosphere there, and allowing us to recharge.”

Sacinandana Swami personally invites everyone to participate, too. “It is a great honor for me to facilitate these japa and kirtan retreats all over the world,” he says. “I would be most grateful if you could come in great numbers so that we can create a powerful sanga (community) of committed chanters.”

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