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Jayapataka Swami Resting After Tracheotomy
By ISKCON News Weekly Staff   |  Nov 01, 2008

ISKCON Guru and GBC His Holiness Jayapataka Swami is still in a stable condition at Mumbai’s Hinduja Hospital, after doctors performed a tracheotomy on Thursday October 30.

His Holiness had requested hospital staff to remove his ventilator tubes, as they were uncomfortable. Doctors, could not comply, however, as he is currently unable to breathe independently. Instead, they opted for a Tracheotomy — a surgery that forms a temporary opening in the trachea, or windpipe, to make breathing easier.

A ventilator tube has been inserted into this hole instead of sending it through the mouth, reducing discomfort and risk of infection.

Jayapataka Swami’s consciousness has been wavering. On October 29, he requested a “clicker” and chanted several Hare Krishna mantras although exhausted. On the morning of Oct 30, he took the hand of visiting godbrother Gopal Krishna Goswami, and with tears in his eyes, placed it on his head.

But while other parameters are stable, his consciousness level has dropped again since.

“We do not know how many more days it might take for His Holiness to breathe by himself and to be off the ventilator,” said disciple Ratnavali Dasi. “It is all up to Lord Krishna now. Whatever happened so far is a miracle and we need more miracles for him to come out of this situation successfully.”

Jayapataka Swami was rushed to Mumbai hospital on October 23 after he was found by assistants in a semi-conscious state at 4am. He was at first thought to have a heart attack, but doctors determined that he had suffered two brain hemorrhages.

Devotees around the world continue to pray for His Holiness to recover safely.

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