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Krishna back on Indian TV
By   |  Jul 01, 2008

Jai Shree Krishna, a new show on Krishna will hit the TV screens on July 21. Though Krishna has not been finalized, the rest of the star cast has already started the shoot. The producer of the show Moti Sagar gave us the details.

”We made Krishna in the 90’s but a lot has changed now so we felt the need to come up with a new series. The technology, costumes, atmosphere, language and budget are also different. It won’t be good to compare the two shows,” says Moti.

“It will be written in a different manner with the reference of 100 books though the main reference will be Srimad Bhagwat Puran. I am sure like people have accepted new Ram and Ramayana they will accept the new Krishna as well,” he adds.

On the hunt for Krishna, he reveals, “He should be in the age group of 14 and should look mischievous yet there should be intelligence in his eyes. While talking he must attract the audience.”

The character of Krishna will be finalized in two months. The show will start with Devki and Vasudev’s wedding.

The filming has been going on for the past three months in Lata Mangeshkar Studio, Kolhapur.

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