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“Leap” the Film at a British Academic Conference
By Contributor   |  Sep 14, 2012

A documentary film about faith was shown at the annual British Association for the Study of Religions (BASR) conference, which was held at Winchester University on Thursday evening 6th September. The screening of the film, which explores the devotional world of ISKCON, with a particular focus on the lives of Radhanath Swami and his Finnish disciple Keshava Madhava das, was enthusiastically received by all who attended the event.

The audience of some 60 conference participants, many of whom were distinguished and highly celebrated British and international religious studies scholars, commented that the film was both inspirational and a helpful resource for use on academic courses of study.

Dr Graham Dwyer and Dr Anna King (Winchester University) introduced the film and responded to questions about it. As they were both central in the making of “Leap”, especially in terms of the research they carried out for it and in their role as advisers to the award winning Finnish film director Jouko Aaltonen, they offered informative and welcome comment about the film.

To learn more about “Leap” and to view it, visit:

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