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Lessons From the Mahabharata: Draupadi
By Nandini Vanodia, ISKCON News Contributing Writer   |  Aug 14, 2021

Draupadi, the famous wife of all five Pandava brothers, is such an important personality in the Mahabharata. We can learn so much from her. She is a strong female character who continues to inspire people all over the world. Through the suffering she endured, she exemplified the qualities of a true queen. Three lessons we learn from her are her loyalty to her husbands and the Lord, speaking her mind and truth, and her sense of justice. 

Draupadi is one of the most loyal characters in the whole epic. She knew that she could’ve easily stayed out of most of the suffering that the Pandavas endured, but out of love, she chose to stay with her husband through thick and thin. She trusted them with her life and happiness. The same principle goes for how she trusted Lord Krishna. In the famous incident when Dushasana is attempting to disrobe her, Draupadi prays to Lord Krishna. She had faith and devotion throughout her life. 

Another important lesson to learn from Draupadi is how throughout the epic she is constantly voicing her opinion. Especially through suffering and pain, one can feel very overwhelmed and helpless. But Draupadi voices her opinions and makes her position clear. This is especially important and contributes to her role as a strong female personality. 

One of Draupadi’s most prominent traits is her strong sense of justice. She knew when she had been wronged. She knew that wrong actions had to be avenged by good. Through exile, disgrace, and challenges to her faith, Draupadi kept her strong sense of justice. And she also recognized that justice would prevail in the end. 

Overall, Draupadi is one of the most beloved personalities of the Mahabharata. Her loyalty, ability to voice her opinions and her strong sense of justice are very admirable. She is such an important character who contributes so much to the Mahabharata. She is such an inspiring personality whom we can learn so much from. 

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