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Little Lila: A New Addition to the ISKCON News Family

By: on Oct. 9, 2010
Photo Credits: Krishna-lila Dasi
Lilavati at one day old, in Mommy`s arm.
Here at ISKCON News, we like to think of ourselves as a family—just a little part, of course, of the extended worldwide ISKCON family.

So we’re delighted to welcome a new addition: little Lilavati, daughter of our managing editor Krishna-lila Dasi and her husband, writer and film script doctor Mark DeGasperi.

Lilavati was born in Hungary on Monday September 13th, at 9:13pm, only three hours before her Daddy’s birthday.

We wish Krishna-lila and her family all the best during her brief leave of absence, and a wonderful future together.

Welcome to the world Lila!

One day old, in Mommy`s arm

Lila and the holy cow

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