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London Politician Praises Visit to Soho Street Temple
By Radha Mohan Dasa   |  Aug 23, 2009

During Mark Field MP’s visit to ISKCON Soho Street Temple, President Jai Nitai Dasa informed him: “We have had a vibrant, progressive and spiritually inspiring community here in the heart of London for over 40 years.”

Accepting the invitation from the Hindu Forum of Britain, Mark Field visited the ISKCON London temple in June 2009. “I felt honoured to be invited to the only Temple in my constituency,” he said, “I applaud the unique contribution that ISKCON has made in adding to the quality and diversity of the social, cultural and spiritual landscape of London. In particular, your programmes for feeding the homeless are deeply appreciated and your vegetarian restaurant promotes healthy food and quality lifestyle.”

In a recent public poll, where the public were asked to name the three most iconic images of London’s West End, the Hare Krishnas came third after black cabs and red buses.

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