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Lord Narasimhadeva’s Mercy Shines Upon All in ISKCON Simhachalam, Germany
By Gopi Gita Devi Dasi   |  May 19, 2023

“Narasimhadeva is the eternal protector, still this year, we were able to offer him a golden Kavacha armor,” said Govindadeva Dasa, who worked endlessly for weeks in South India alongside the experts to ensure the Golden Kavacha was made to perfection and on time for this year’s Narasimha Caturdasi.

The Narasimha Caturdasi Festival, in ISKCON Simhachalam, situated in the Bavarian Hills in Germany, was a grand collection of festivities, including kirtan, dancing swamis, and spellbinding darshans this year.

Uniquely at ISKCON Simhachalam, the main presiding deity is Sri Sri Prahlad Laksmi Narasimhadeva, ensuring this is Their most significant Festival of the year. Before the event, considerable organization and planning were going on. “Months of meditation, preparation, and suddenly there is a boom,” said Ramananda Gopala Dasa, Head Pujari, “This boom is the festival!”

“This Festival was a return of the long history of Narasimha-Caturdasi Festival celebrations after a several-year mandatory break due to COVID-19 restrictions. “It was bigger, more spectacular, and better organized. The Festival was well attended by many devotees,” stated Govindadeva Dasa, Temple President. Having all the restrictions removed led to a record level of pre-event registrations, even with a five-day schedule of “12-hour daily nonstop kirtan or katha” advertised.

During the Festival, more than 800 devotees eagerly came to see Lord Narasimhadeva, many staying on the temple grounds, barn, in tents, and in campervans. Some came for the first time, others had not been for many years, but most were overtaken by the mercy the Lord gave in these five days: “The spiritual atmosphere was just omnipresent. Wherever I looked, there was a sadhu, kirtan, and so many devotees all around like a spiritual village,” said Björn, a 21-year old ashram resident.

Devotees came from the neighbouring countries of the Czech Republic, Austria, and Slovenia, as well as from England, Bulgaria, Denmark, and as far away as India, the US, and Australia. One may ask,
“Why have devotees traveled so far to see Lord Narasimhadeva in Germany?”

One reason is that this event is one of those “see to believe” experiences: “The Simhacalam devotees created a very nice atmosphere with Narasimhadeva in the center,” said Sacinandana Swami. On Narasimha Caturdasi, the Lord had eight different darshans, ranging from a silver red outfit to a two-hour-long abhishek, culminating in a lemon and leaf darshan. A spectacular parikrama (procession) with the Uttsava deities led to the exact time of the Lord’s Appearance at sunset. At this time, devotees gathered in numbers that may not have been seen for decades in Simhachalam. All had a common goal – to see Lord Narasimhadeva. The nonstop kirtan momentarily halted as the heavy altar doors were pulled open. They revealed the first-ever darshan of Lord Narasimhadeva in a Golden Kavacha. As the lights dimmed, the kirtan began again, and devotees were awestruck by His special beauty, one devotee near the front even fainted. The kirtan resounded until late in the night.


The festivities continued the next day, with Lord Narasimhadeva wearing an outfit made entirely of sandesh and burfi. Guests feasted on this later in the day. In the evening, Lord Narasimhadeva was swung inside the temple room alongside an ecstatic kirtan. The next day, the Lord appeared as if in the forest with a vibrant flower outfit. “What was better, the wonderful caring and serving devotees from all over the world, the enlightening sadhu sanga of six swami maharajas, the ecstatic kirtans with Harinam Ruci, wonderful prasadam feasts and cakes, the fantastic dramas, the weather where many flowers started blossoming, or the wonderful darshans of Lord Narasimhadeva himself – one more beautiful, magical and eye blowing than the other?!” wondered Vedasara Dasa.

Seeing really is believing. So, in conclusion, the devotees of Simhachalam invite you to attend next year’s Narasimha Caturdasi Festival or join us for our upcoming Kirtan Mela Festival, September 21-24th led by Sacinandana Swami and popular kirtaneers. Visit for more details. May Lord Narasimhadeva protect all your bhakti.

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