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Mayapur Academy Diploma in Arcana Course 2013-2014

By: for ISKCON News on July 3, 2013
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Jananivas teaches deity worship to the participants of the Mayapur Academy course
The next Mayapur Academy diploma course in Deity worship starts on the 22th of October 2013 and concludes Nityananda Trayodasi on the 12th of February 2014 with graduation on 20th of February 2014.

Units include:
- Temple worship
- Deity dressing
- Samskaras
- Cooking
- Brahminical ethics & training
- Festivals
- Dress making
- Tulasi care & worship
- Vedic astrology
- Mantras

Accepted students will receive training in all aspects of deity worship.

The Diploma in Arcana is an English medium course with simultaneous Russian translation.

The teachers are among the most talented and experienced in the world in their respective fields, headed by Jananivasa Das, Bhanu Swami, Nrsimha Kavaca Das, Adi-purusha Das (VIHE), Kurma Caitanya Das, Ananda Tirtha Das, Radha Sundari Dasi, and others.

“When a devotee with all his heart and soul serves Krishna, dresses Him in nice garments and gives Him a flower, Krishna smiles. If you can get Krishna to smile upon you just once, your life's goal is fulfilled.” (Lecture SB 3.25.12, 12 November 1974)

For more information and to apply, please contact:,, or +91 03472 245480.
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