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Miscreants Hacked Argentine National At ISKCON Mayapur
By Contributor   |  Sep 13, 2013

Mayapur, Sept. 6: In a ghastly incident an Argentine National was brutally hacked with sharp weapon by miscreants at his apartment located at the ISKCON campus in Mayapur late on Friday night.

The victim identified as Ricardo Antonio Palaruz (Sadhu Das), 60, was critically injured and taken to Saktinagar district hospital in Krishnanagar. However, after providing the initial treatment he was transferred to a Kolkata based private hospital later at night.

Police, meanwhile, have arrested two persons in connection with the attack. However, their identity was not disclosed by the sleuths.

SP Nadia SR Mishra and DSP (HQ) Dibyajyoti Bose rushed to Saktinagar hospital to monitor treatment of the elderly Argentine National.

“We have initiated investigation into the matter. The reason behind the attack is not quite clear to us. However, according to the
initial report available from different sources, the Argentine National had developed contention with a local person over purchase
of a land in Mayapur, who is also a Iskcon devotee”, said a senior police officer.

According to sources at Saktinagar district hospital, the victim has sustained deep wounds made by sharp weapons on his face, chest, head, hand and other places.

“He was profusely bleeding when brought to the hospital, we provided some medicines to him and bandaged the wounds and referred him to city based hospital for better treatment”, said a doctor who treated the victim at the Saktinagar hospital.

According to the police sources, the incident occurred at about 9.45 pm when Ricardo was preparing for sleep at his apartment located on the fifth floor of a multi storied building.

A person with whom Ricardo has been dealing for a land knocked his door. Sources said, he developed contention with the man over the deal which could not be finalized. When Ricardo opened the door, the miscreants who were five in number armed with sharp weapons entered his room and started hacking him at random.

Sources said, Ricardo raised an alarm when the miscreants fled. Some locals chased them, but they disappeared in the darkness of night.

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