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16,000 Wives - 16,000 Krishnas

Krishna... These sixteen thousand wives, how they became wives? You know the story, that many beautiful, sixteen thousand beautiful, I mean to say, king's daughters were kidnapped by the asura. What is the name of that asura? Bhaumāsura, no? Yes. So they prayed to Krishna that "We are suffering, kidnapped by this rascal. Please save us." So Krishna came to rescue them, and the Bhaumāsura was killed and all the girls were made free.

But after freedom they were still standing there. So Krishna asked them, "Now you can go home to your father." They said that "We are kidnapped, and we cannot be married." In India still that rule is there. If one girl, young girl, goes out of home for one day or two days, nobody will marry him (her). Nobody will marry him (her). He's (She's) considered to be spoiled. This is still the Indian system.

So they were kidnapped for so many days or so many years, so they appealed to Krishna that "We'll not be accepted either by our father, neither anybody will agree to marry." Then Krishna understood that "Their position is very precarious. Although they are released, they cannot go anywhere." Then Krishna... He's so kind, bhakta-vatsala. He inquired, "What you want?" That... They said that "You accept me. Otherwise we have no other means to stay." Krishna immediately: "Yes, come on."

This is Krishna. And not that His sixteen thousand wives was concentrated in one camp. He immediately constructed sixteen thousand palaces. Because He has accepted as wife, he (she) must be maintained as His wife, as His queen, not that "Because they have no other means, they have come to My shelter. I can keep them any way." No. Most respectfully as queen, as Krishna's queen. And again He thought that "The sixteen thousand wives... So if I remain alone, one figure, then My wives cannot meet Me. Everyone has to wait for sixteen thousand days to see the husband. No." He expanded Himself into sixteen thousand Krishna. This is Krishna.

The rascals, they accuse Krishna as woman-hunter. It is not like you. You cannot maintain even one wife, but He maintained sixteen thousand wives in sixteen thousand palaces and in sixteen thousand expansion of form. Everyone was pleased. This is Krishna. We have to understand what is Krishna. Don't try to imitate Krishna. First of all try to understand Krishna.