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Bundle of Sticks

There is a story, that one old woman in the forest... I think it is in Aesop's Fable or somewhere. So she was carrying a big bundle of dry wood, and somehow or other, the bundle fell down. It was very heavy.

So the old woman became very much disturbed, "Who will help me to get this bundle on my head?"

So she began to call God, "God, help me." And God came, "What you want?" "Kindly help me to get this bundle on my head." (laughter) Just see.

God came for giving benediction, and she wanted to "Give this bundle again on my head."

So we are doing the same thing. When we go to God we ask Him, "Kindly give me the bundle on my head. My family become may happy. I may have a large amount of money to enjoy material things." We ask that. That is our foolishness.

Caitanya Mahāprabhu teaches us, therefore, that actually, if you want something from God, that should be only begging for His service.