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So at least to have a guarantee that our next life is going to be human life, everyone should take to Kṛṣṇa consciousness. From mundane profit point of view.

There is a story, Sāvitrī-Satyavān. Sāvitrī-Satyavān, it is not a story. It is historical fact that one gentleman, he was a king's son, prince. His name was Satyavān. But he was to die at a certain age his horoscope said. But one girl Sāvitrī, she fell in love with that boy. Now she wanted to marry. Her father told her, "He'll die at certain age. You don't marry." But she was bent. She married. In course of time the boy died, say after four or five years, and the girl became widow. So she was so staunch lover that she won't let the dead body go away.

And the Yamarāja, the, what is English I do not know, who takes away the body or the soul after death, so he came to take the soul away. So this chaste girl would not allow the husband's body to go away. Then Yamarāja told, "It is my duty that I should take. You give it up. Otherwise, you'll be also punished." So she gave and she was following Yamarāja. So Yamarāja became compassionate.

So Yamarāja became compassionate, he benedicted her, "My dear girl, you go home. I give you benediction you will have a son. Don't cry for your husband." Then she was again following and when Yamarāja said, "Why you are following me?" "Now you are taking my husband. How can I have my son?" Oh, then he was in dilemma. He returned her husband. So similarly, this is a technique. If you take to Kṛṣṇa consciousness, then your husband or this human form of life is guaranteed.