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Muslim Student Wins First Prize in Gita Contest in Kohalpur, India
By Kulashekhar Das   |  Jan 01, 2016

ISKCON have been conducting Gita Talent Search (GTS) exam every year in different cities. The GTS exams started in Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India in December 2014. On the 2015 contest, in December, approximately 350 students participated from 12 different schools.

The exam is a multiple choice question type exam based on selected verses (and purports) of Bhagavad-gita. The 50 selected verses are communicated in advance to the students.

This year, a Muslim student from Radhabai Shinde English Medium School, Mehboob Kalawant bagged the first prize by obtaining 46 marks out of 50. He said he studied hard to win this prize. According to his parents, during the period he was preparing for this exam and studying the Gita, he stayed away from non-vegetarian food. In his feedback form Mehboob writes: “Bhagvat Geeta is the book with answer to all questions. It teaches the way of living life. Hare Krishna. I learnt how to master the mind & contact with my soul & supreme soul.”

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