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Muvi Studio Launches Video-on-Demand Service for ISKCON
By Contributor   |  Aug 14, 2015

The International Society For Krishna Consciousness –  in partnership with Muvi LLC ( has launched its Video-on-Demand (VOD) service with an aim to bring its library of spiritual and devotional content like Artis and Pravachans (temple ceremonies and lectures) along with spiritual movies and documentaries based on Lord Krishna’s life and teachings to ISKCON followers all over the world.

All of ISKCON’s content on is produced by its in-house production company iTV Productions headed by Shri Haridas and this has helped ISKCON to make its foray into the digital arena with an aim to reach out to its worldwide audience digitally.

With its own streaming platform, ISKCON is now able to showcase its content globally and it’s believed that this tech-cultural upgradation ideated by both ISKCON and powered by Muvi Studio will go a long way in engaging not just with the existing worldwide followers but also people from all walks of life who can turn to the growing digital world for access to spiritual content and guidance.

The New York based Muvi Studio works on platform-as-a-service (PaaS) basis, offering video content owners, broadcasters, TV channels and cable companies an out-of-the-box, end-to-end multi-screen video streaming / video-on-demand platform, using which they can launch their VOD & live streaming content across the Web, mobile, smart TVs, media boxes and gaming consoles.

The online video industry is abuzz with major production houses, broadcasters, TV networks, Cable Companies and creatives shifting to online video to showcase and monetize their work. The lure of being able to watch TV anywhere, anytime and with any device has caught the fancy of the audiences and the industry alike.

However, steep startup costs can cut short the ‘stream-dream.’ “Most online video startups fail due to inability of investing in the right kind of content and lack of proper monetization strategy. It is therefore wise to keep startup costs low and choose the right mix of revenue models suited for their content instead of following third party streamers. Going forward, Muvi Studio looks to embolden and empower such players who, despite budget constraints, aspire to be the next Netflix or Hulu,” says Viraj Mehta – Head of International Business at Muvi.

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